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There’s a renaissance underway in research and conservation for native lamprey species and at the epicenter of this renaissance is the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative (PLCI). Researchers and students are studying lamprey biology, ecology, and cultural importance more than ever before. Engineers, restoration practitioners, and funding boards are finally considering lamprey. Important conservation actions are being put in place for lampreys, but so much more can and needs to be done to restore lampreys and their habitats. 

But the good news is there are more ways to get involved than ever before! 

Participate in the Regional Management Unit where you live and/or work to contribute your local expertise to better understanding the current threats, risk and status of Pacific Lamprey in your watershed or region.

Join the Lamprey Technical Workgroup (LTWG) to learn more about emerging lamprey science and research. Dive even deeper by joining one of the LTWG subgroups.

Save your second Tuesdays from 11:00am – 1:00pm PT for the 5th Annual Lamprey Information Exchange Webinar series. Can’t join us live, or missed a webinar? Not to worry, all sessions are recorded and available on PLCI’s webinar archive.

Annual Lamprey Summits

Each year, the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative hosts a Lamprey Summit to bring together signatories and supporters to the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Agreement to present and learn about the five-year update to the Pacific Lamprey Assessment and recommit to the updated Conservation Agreement. Participants discuss ongoing and completed research and restoration activities, and strategize on collaborative opportunities on behalf of Pacific Lamprey conservation for the next 5 years. Sign up for PLCI’s listserv below to receive updates on agendas and registration information.


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